Digital Composites and Advanced Retouching
Advanced retouching by David Denemark Digital Services can help you meet those impossible deadlines by filling in the gaps. Ever since the first version of Adobe's Photoshop made computer retouching a viable solution to photographers, things have gotten even better.

I 've been working with computers since the mid 80's and have seen my ability to service my clients needs grow as the equipment and software improves. I use a very fast Apple, Mac intel processor computer. This setup along with tons of memory and plenty of hard drive space allows me to make numerous versions of each file, I retouch. I build my photo composites with multi layer upon layer. I have found that my clients want several versions of many finished retouched photo. I save different versions through out the building process so I never have to redo an effect if I need to tweak some early change I make. Sounds confusing? Don't worry, that's why I'm doing the work. My clients can meet their deadlines and their project looks great.
A major challenge for retouchers are the chrome reflections from spherical shaped objects. As in the photo above, a mixed group of truck mirrors for a product catalog cover, the reflections have to look real. The product is chrome plated and the client wants to illustrate that fact on the cover of their main sales tool. To shoot the job we first set up the general layout (see image below) and shoot straight down on the mirrors from above. Then I shoot each mirror close up for detail and card the reflections for a pleasing effect. Once the photos are in the computer, I do a background block out on each mirror and add the drop shadows in another photoshop layer.

These image are then transferred to individual layers to compose the final layout which is supposed to look like it was shot with the mirrors standing up against a faded background. This matched the other five photos styled for the cover. The upper right hand corner of this photo will be cut on a bias to fit the layout. When I create a photo like this, it takes at least 20 layers or so in photoshop to do it right. I always create in the highest resolution possible. Then the image files can also be used for trade show prints up to 16 x20 inches.

Original layout shot on studio floor from above. I use top light and card reflectors to bring out fine details of mirrors. They get cleaned up in retouching, saving time in the studio - which cost more per hour.
Digital Composites and Product Duplication
Original layout on right was shot on studio floor with no product to fill the display unit.

The display was designed to hold many bottles. After about 50 layers in Photoshop, the display is full and has the correct prospective for each shelf of product plus a background fade. Cost was under $1000 complete to final files including the studio and retouching time.

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