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Professional Digital Photography Studio
Aerial Photos, Computer Imaging, Photo Restoration and Retouching

Aerial and Property Photography
Our experience in Aerial Photography began back in 1980 when I did my first solo flight in a little Cessna 150 trainer. That day convinced me to try and spend as much time up in the air doing what I love to do, taking photos and flying.

After 32 years of consistent vigilance I have become proficient enough in the craft of aerial photography to offer you a guarantee. If the aerial photos I take for you aren't up to your expectations, I will re-take them at my expense until you are completely satisfied.

My crew takes pride in carefully planning each sites needs, weather, and flying the most efficient route to serve your needs. To get those great air views all depends on the light of day and the prevailing winds. We coordinate both to come up with the best predictable results, within your deadline. It is best to allow a two week window for clear weather, as we do not try to fly in hazy or inclement conditions. See more details or samples of some of our recent aerial photo assignments and ground views. Just a click away.

David Denemark - Digital Services
Pewaukee, WI 53072
(262) 691-4996
e-mail ddenemark@wi.rr.com
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